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Campus Community

There are dozens of Drupal developers, site builders, and designers on campus and Drupal is used by over one thousand faculty, staff, and students.

Monthly Meetup

Last Thursday of the Month @ 3pm

A group of developers and designers meets once a month to discuss topics of interest. We try to have a mix of detailed presentations, lightning talks, and group discussions.

Got something you'd like to share with the group? Shoot an email to the list or to the group's coordinator.

Mailing List

The drupal group has a mailing list that is used for routine communications, meeting announcements, group troubleshooting, and Q&A. You can subscribe and unsubscribe on the OSU Mailing List site.

Note: Subscriptions are moderated to keep spammers out, but once you're subscribed anyone can send to the list.

OSU Slack #Drupal 

Slack is where all the cool kids hang out. Got a burning question? Have something to share? Slack can meet all your on demand communications needs whether you need help optimizing website performance or just want to see Steve Ballmer say developers one more time.

Signup at and join the #Drupal channel to get immediate help. 

University Code Repository

What?!? You haven't heard of the University Code Repository? There are easily over 100 Drupal modules and themes there as well as a number of pre-built distributions. Check out these groups on UCR to get started.

OSU Drupal Distributions

Drupal Centric Groups

Units w\Drupal Code

Drupal Camp Ohio

Drupal Camp Ohio provides a two day Drupal conference traditionally hosted by OSU in late fall. Find out more about how you can help make the camp a success.