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About this Site

This site's purpose is to grow and support the Drupal community on campus. There are two main audiences.

  • People considering using Drupal on campus.
  • Existing Drupal professionals on campus.


We have a Qualtrics form for requesting changes to our directory. We'd love to have everyone engaged in Drupal work listed in the directory.

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Any Drupaler on campus can get edit access to this site, and people are encouraged to do so. We'd love it if you used the site to share news and information that will help promote Drupal usage on campus. All positive Drupal related content is welcome.

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Hosting / Maintainence

This site is hosted by the College of Engineering and uses Open OSU, our standard Drupal distribution. For technical problems, see

If you'd like the site to have feature XYZ, the best course is to try to get that feature included in Open OSU.