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Drupal Camp Ohio

Drupal Camp Ohio provides a low cost opportunity for 150-250 Drupal professionals from across Ohio and throughout the midwest to come together and exchange ideas through a mix of traditional sessions and "birds of a feather" sessions. Attendance is particularly popular in the academic sector. 

The event is typically scheduled for a friday and saturday in late fall.


The event is hosted by Ohio State University at the 4H Center. The cost of the venue and food (~$8000) is covered by donations from OSU organizations. 

Below are the 2014 donor levels. Typically, larger units tend to donate around $1,000 while smaller units or those with lower investment in Drupal tend to donate $250-750. 

Amount Level Included Registrations
2500 Platinum 8
1500 Gold 6
1000 Silver 4
500 Bronze 2
100 Individual 1

OSU Registrations

For legal and fiscal reasons, the OSU and non-OSU funds used for the event are not allowed to mix and the event must be paid for using OSU funds in order to get a discounted rate on the venue. 

Sometimes we have trouble raising the internal donations to cover the venue. When this happens, we ask OSU registrants to pay for registrations using internal transfers to ODEE instead of paying through the main Drupal Camp site.